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Best Tips to driving summer Ibiza

Tips to driving summer Ibiza

First rent a car present tips to drive in summer in Ibiza, some tricks that help improve our driving in summer. Enjoy a fantastic day in Ibiza with rent a car Ibiza first rent a car Ibiza.

Tips to drive in summer in Ibiza

Driving heat involves a series risk, studies show that a conductor subjected to a vehicle interior temperature of 35 degrees reacts 20% slower than a driver at an optimal temperature of 25 °. This risk is equivalent to driving with a rate of 0.5% alcholemia, for it is important to consider a number of recommendations if we have to drive in heat conditions:

Check car levels

Like people in summer is vital important check that the vehicle is fully hydrated, this will must check the oil level and the coolant level.

Vehicle access and use of air conditioning

In the case of the vehicle has been parked in an area in direct contact solar radiationtry keep the doors open or windows for at least 30 seconds or 1 minute before turning the air conditioner.

Tips to driving summer Ibiza rent a car Ibiza

Use automatic option when you open the conditioning air system, the automatic option guarantee a uniform distribution of temperature, ensuring occupant comfort and safety while driving the car. An ideal temperature would be between 10 and 12 degrees below the outside temperature, for example 25 degrees in ibiza wouldn’t penalize the vehicle consumption. To visit Ibiza we recommend rent a car Ibiza First rent a car Ibiza

Check the tire pressure

In extreme weather conditions both cold and heat it should be maximum attention to tire pressure, for example in summer in Ibiza, with temperatures between 35 and 40 degrees of temperature, if circulated with a pressure tire too low potentially increases the risk of a puncture or tire blowout.

Tips to driving summer Ibiza rent a car ibiza

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

Drivers also have to follow a series of recommendations for driving in summer, use adequate and breathable clothing, sunglasses to avoid glare, avoid shoes sandals. Enjoy a fantastic day in Ibiza with rent a car Ibiza first rent a car Ibiza.

Tips to driving summer  Ibiza

Once booted the vehicle has started running it is advisablemake a stop every two hours in order to obtain an adequate level of hydration, avoiding if driving is possible during the middle of the day, usually hours more hot. Dehydration can increase the number of mistakes you can make a driver as exit lanes or braking too late. The study say that at high temperatures the risk of having an accident behind the wheel increases by 18%.

First rent a car from advise extreme caution in our summer trips and consult our recommendations for driving safer and more comfortable in summer.

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